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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Housewarming cupcakes

I tried another recipe in the book and it turned out alrite. it was more popular than I thought. I accidentally overfilled the patty pans so they look funny...

I used the Jam that I bought at a berry picking farm in the countryside. It's sooo good! I want to go there again one day! (2 hour drive from St Albans)

I made strawberry and cream cupcakes (deliberately made half the frosting so my mum can eat the plain ones). I cut some open and filled it with strawberry jam.

I had a few kids coming to my house so I made the popular chocolate cupcakes. I found some choc chips in my pantry (and it's been in there for.. a few months...) so I just chucked them in there as well.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Baking Challenge #3: My Birthday cake w/ requirements

My mum doesn't want to have too much sweet things cos she's almost close to being a diabetic. And I did promise her that I'll try a flourless cake I saw in the cookbook I bought.

I had a new oven and I accidentally set the oven at the wrong temperature. So I knew the cake was undercooked in the middle.. but with so little time left, that cake just had to do. I made honey & granola cupcakes to compensate. But it was slightly bad cos I forgot to add egg!!