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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Midnight Snack: choc-chip cookies

made choc-chip cookies as a surprise for him~ he never tried my cookies before

and cos it was a surprise, I had to hide my cookbook hehe XD.

I was worried that it wasn't going well as I hoped cos I used a different form of butter than what I normally used. the dough was more runny and I'm used to.

But in the end, they still turned out the same. I even moulded them differently too see if they were different, but they were still the same.

later he found me making my cookie dough, but he didn't know what it was. I told him to go back and sit down and he just peeked from the side of the wall staring -.- later he went and I thought he was wrong til he gave me a surprise kiss on the other side -.-""" oh he got me good....

as soon as I baked them (and cooled them down for ONE MINUTE! that's how impatient I was) went up behind him, told him to close his eyes, and I shoved the warm cookie in his mouth. and i went back to making more cookies since I can only make them 4 at a time.

Someone wants a cookie............................

Dinner: Bangers and Mash

beef, garlic and herb sausages
Master Foods Brown Onion Gravy

Yay~ made Bangers and Mash~ and he made bacon an eggs this morning~

Dinner: Roast Lamb Shanks

Continental Cook-in-bag
lamb shanks

Made this yesterday cos I bought the veggies a week before and they needed to be used. we were having fun tossing the bag to each other. it smelt really nice but there's a lot of fat and oil. it would be better it more sides.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Breakfast: Sausages and Scrambled Eggs

omg breakfast @home for the first time in years!!! Well with family anyway... Usually we eat out in Box Hill for brekkie.

And normally we don't eat breakfast cos we LOVE our sleep lol. But he has to wake up to go to work. So breakfast is an important start to a day!

I defrosted leftover sausages the night before so I don't have to immerse them in warm water and wait for ages~ I cooked the sausages first and cos I didn't know when they were done..... the smoke alarm I set off tells me that they are cooked LOL (feel bad for waking him up to the sound of the ear-pitching alarm tho >.<)

Then I found a recipe to make scrambled eggs (yes I don't know how to make them... and he doesn't either) and I managed to make it without failing... tho salt and pepper would be nice to add but i don't have pepper ^.^""" besides I love my scrambled eggs in tomato sauce~

No picture cos... the food looked so good we wanted to eat it! and what perfect Sunday morning would be than having homemade breakfast and watching cartoons at the same time. Brings back childhood memories~

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dinner: Continental Chicken Curry

Continental Curry Chicken recipe base
2 carrots
more chicken

someone took a nap so I did the WHOLE thing on my own *_* well he did cook snaggs for lunch while I was napping then.

and there were plenty of leftovers so I can eat them the next day. I personally like the Korean chicken curry. Mum always make that so I'm hoping she will teach me how to make it

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dinner: Burritos

was made to slice the chicken -.-

Old El Paso Burrito Kit
2 tomatoes
~600g chicken

organised bowls for serving

like we were in a buffet and serve ourselves

dogs were somewhat disappointed -.-"""

Monday, May 16, 2011

Baking: Mini Cookie Monster cupcakes!

2 cookie monsters!!

3 cookie monsters!!!!


Vanilla cupcakes with coconut and lime icing. With cookie and while chocolate drops and chocolate writing icing for the eyes.

Dinner: Beef Straganoff + mashed potato

Made Beef Straganoff with Mashed Potato for 3 people. Had a friend over today ^.^ just in time cos I had made lots of cupcakes too! (separate post)

Continental Beef Straganoff recipe base
1 onion
[forgot to add sour cream like the packet said!!)

made Mashed potato on the side... had to google it too lol!!!!!!

still tasted nice without the sour cream~ mashed potato was lil a tad lumpy

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Room for improvement

The past two months of being together, we ate out a lot for brunch.

For dinner, I cooked pasta or pasta bake cos it was easy to make. Or we would order Domino's

It has come to the point where we were getting sick of eating pasta or buy pizza lol. We decided to expand our ideas and cook different meals. and cook breakfast also.... or brunch.

Food's I want to attempt (fail or not):
Scrambled eggs
bacon and eggs
bangers and mash
Mashed potato (shush you! I dunno how to make a good one!)
Mum's asian potato cakes

Saturday, May 14, 2011

[New chapter]

I have now started a new chapter in life, and with him, it has got me to cook again. We discussed yesterday that we should save money together for better things instead of eating out everyday. We were thinking of cooking everyday for a week and see what happens.

I also found out when I'm grocery shopping, most of the food meals are for 4 people. hardly any recipes for 2 people... I even looked for books hoping they say "dinner for two" but no luck.

Since I'm looking at the past posts of this blog, I didn't want to delete this and start a new one. Instead, I'll rename this blog. I shall name this "dinner for two" even tho there is prob lunch or brunch posts.... "food for two" sounds weird....