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Friday, June 3, 2011

Breakfast: Sausage, Bacon and puffy cheesy Omelette

No pics again >.< cos it was my first omelette made.

Yesterday was our 3rd month anniversary and I want brekkie to be a lil different that's not bacon and eggs like we ate everyday (=.=) So the night before, I found my old recipes I collected while I was in high school and i looked through it. I found a puffy cheesy omelette recipe and thought I should give it a try.

with the sausage and bacon, we had a funny inspiration from Youtuber EpicMealTime and they pretty much make epic meals. And basically, they love their bacon and wrap meats in bacon (even a freaking pig!)

So from that I wrapped a sausage in bacon after they were both cooked lol!!!

back to my omelette, its not like any other omelette. It's puffy cos I separated the egg whites and yolks, whisk up the egg whites to soft peaks, season the egg yolks and milk and add it back in the egg whites and cook it for 2 minutes, then add grated cheese and cook it for another 2 minutes.

my first omelette deflated T.T but the second one was better. it's because the recipe was meant to be for one serving, so I doubled it... but I couldn't halve it lol! So yeah... It would be better to cook them separately.

other than that, we have a fantastic time yesterday.


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