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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Long Update.

I kinda have almost abandoned my blog. since the last post, I was really sick, then it was my last exams, then moving back home to my parents. Now currently job seeking and helping parents find a smaller house to live in.

Since I'm back at parents home, I'm not in "charge" of the kitchen anymore. At least I'm back to mama's homemade soups. Also everything I had in my kitchen is all stored away in the garage =(

Also Making this post because I found out today that my friend and fellow food blogger "Mama Bea's" has nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award. To my understanding, this award goes to blogs with <200 followers, and it's to appreciate the time and effort that these bloggers do. I'd like to thank Beatrice for nominating me. It has given me inspiration to cook more dishes to post on this blog.

I also do plan a special surprise for my boyfriend this Valentines day! And since it's baking, I will post it soon! Also our one year anniversary is coming up soon and I'm excited for that as well!!

Take a guess at what i'm gonna use these cookie cutters for. hint: the big one is not for cookies

Also. I wish to make these in the future:
Soba noodles
Chocolate mousse with just chocolate and water

My boyfriend and I really want Bun Xeo again however there are no good groceries near my area that actually have decent fresh bean sprouts. Unlike the Foodie suburb back in the west.


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