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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just an update

Yes it has been month's since I last baked something. I'm either:
- too busy or
- not motivated

yeah since I have been gyming, I lost and gained weight here and there. And I'm beginning to be very cautious about what I eat. Since then I've been avoid lots of food.. mostly my favourite foods like desserts or something quick/easy/cheap like fast food or instant noodles.

After all, I did mention food journeys should be posted. I did during the holidays encouraged my nephew who is eight to bake with me. I bought a cookie pack at the supermarket that was on special. I need to get him out of the tv/DS/wii somehow.

At first he was sooo excited but about 5 mins later, his enthusiasm dropped. But he managed to push through, decorated his cookies before they went in the oven, and felt a sense of joy when they were done.

Since my gyming, I've been eating more veggies ever than I had in the past year. Back when I was living alone for the first time, I did not shop in the fruit and veg aisle in the supermarket. And yes I sort of did suffer the consequences... and this is going to sound stupid but I have been going to my favourite restaurant and order their ceaser salad. yes it is the most fattiest salad of all... personally I prefer it with less dressing.

I have... or had... a massive obsession with dips and turkish bread/dinner rolls. I LOVE cavier dip and Spinach and pine nuts. I wouldn't mind trying the other dips I saw in the aisle yesterday like smoked salmon, beetroot and other varieties.

I remember when I moved houses again, I received a housewarming gift from my cousin. It was a jaffle maker, and I left it on the top shelf knowing it will be of use one day. and it is! Every morning before I go to uni, I make toasted sandwiches. I tried tomato, cheese and spinach but i found that the tomato was a hassle. I did replace it with tuna or I've been just adding spinach and cheese so far. I bought shaved ham from the deli but it was quite salty. I'm currently thinking of foods to carry to uni for lunch also because I refuse to eat their sushi since I got very sick from them once. I tried making a week supply of carrot sticks but my cutting skills fail and they didn't last long.. So.. not doing that for a while.

I found out at the end of every week i have tons of spinach leaves left.. and I feel bad for throwing them away for rubbish collection, so yesterday I brought them home to mum this time, because I HAVE to eat my spinach (I don't know why.. it somehow keeps me awake in the morning). And I also have to stay there for a few days and I will go crazy without them lol!

Anyway mum had a use for them today. she added them with the ramen and dumplings with white dashi soup I think for lunch. then she added the leftovers as a snowpea, luncheon meat and spinach stirfry. so there's other options other than... spinach and cheese (I don't like ricotta) sandwich.

I'm a bit disappointed that I lost the microwavable egg poachers. But I'm fine with my daily breakfast for now.

I need to learn the basics. I don't even know how to make a sunny-side up egg or an omelette! yes.. shame on me... I don't know how to make mash potato also....


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