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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Breakfast: Quick Foods

waking up to go to uni and wanting to sleep in combined means that I can't always have bacon and eggs with toast as it's time consuming.

So here's a list of the foods I usually make cos it's quick and simple.

1. Passionfruit and yoghurt - inspired by the B&B whilst on holiday. Just scoop the passionfruit out into the yoghurt. So delicious and healthy too!

I have a jaffle maker and it's really handy during the cold winter mornings. Sandwich maker works perfectly too. the following is what I made in the past

2. nutella - my favourite simple. Who doesn't want to bite into the warm nutella and crunchy toast?
3. canned spaghetti - boyfriend's favourite. Not really my thing tho.
4. Tuna - Tho i always get leftovers....
5. Spinach and cheese - a bit more effort because I have to wash the leaves

I used to eat cereal but I prefer to have that in summer. But I stopped since the shops don't sell Special K: Chocolatey Flakes anymore. I loved that so much =(

I'm aiming to make the breakfast broth I read from Adam Liaw's cookbook "Two Asian Kitchens" Looks soo yummy and delicious!


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