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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Breakfast: Sausages and Scrambled Eggs

omg breakfast @home for the first time in years!!! Well with family anyway... Usually we eat out in Box Hill for brekkie.

And normally we don't eat breakfast cos we LOVE our sleep lol. But he has to wake up to go to work. So breakfast is an important start to a day!

I defrosted leftover sausages the night before so I don't have to immerse them in warm water and wait for ages~ I cooked the sausages first and cos I didn't know when they were done..... the smoke alarm I set off tells me that they are cooked LOL (feel bad for waking him up to the sound of the ear-pitching alarm tho >.<)

Then I found a recipe to make scrambled eggs (yes I don't know how to make them... and he doesn't either) and I managed to make it without failing... tho salt and pepper would be nice to add but i don't have pepper ^.^""" besides I love my scrambled eggs in tomato sauce~

No picture cos... the food looked so good we wanted to eat it! and what perfect Sunday morning would be than having homemade breakfast and watching cartoons at the same time. Brings back childhood memories~


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