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Monday, May 16, 2011

Dinner: Beef Straganoff + mashed potato

Made Beef Straganoff with Mashed Potato for 3 people. Had a friend over today ^.^ just in time cos I had made lots of cupcakes too! (separate post)

Continental Beef Straganoff recipe base
1 onion
[forgot to add sour cream like the packet said!!)

made Mashed potato on the side... had to google it too lol!!!!!!

still tasted nice without the sour cream~ mashed potato was lil a tad lumpy


Ginkojyuin said...

If need be... for stragonoff, you can always substitute sour cream with yogurt ^^

~Leisha~ said...

nah we had the sour cream lol. we were too hungry to notice we forgot to add it lol!

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