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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Room for improvement

The past two months of being together, we ate out a lot for brunch.

For dinner, I cooked pasta or pasta bake cos it was easy to make. Or we would order Domino's

It has come to the point where we were getting sick of eating pasta or buy pizza lol. We decided to expand our ideas and cook different meals. and cook breakfast also.... or brunch.

Food's I want to attempt (fail or not):
Scrambled eggs
bacon and eggs
bangers and mash
Mashed potato (shush you! I dunno how to make a good one!)
Mum's asian potato cakes


Ginkojyuin said...

Here's something you could try making:

1 packet of minced meat
1 canned corn
Some flour
2 eggs
Oyster sauce
A bit of salt and pepper
Sesame Oil

a) Set aside a bowl with a bit of oyster sauce, salt and pepper and sesame oil.

b) defrost the mince meat and add the contains to the pre-mix marinate. Leave in fridge for half an hour to let the flavor set in. Meanwhile, drain the canned corn and set aside in another bowl.

c) In two other bowls, set aside your flour and eggs. Remember to give the eggs a bit of whisk.

d) Take the mince meat out of the fridge and make a few flat circles with it.

e) Using the canned corn, place a few kernel corns into the center of the meat before rolling it back into a ball.

f) the ball of meat is then dip into a bit of egg before covered in flour.

g) fry till golden brown.

p.s. You'd get the lovely corn flavor bursting in your mouth from within the meat <3

p.p.s. This is Kriz btw and I attempted this creative thing suddenly a few days ago. XP

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